Volume 16 Number 3

Jae-chul Shim

Any academic journal represents the identity of a scholarly community. Since Asian Communication Research (ACR) is the flagship journal of the Korean Society for Journalism and Communication Studies, it has the responsibility and privileged opportunity to reveal Korean communication scholars’ identity and showcase a top‐notch, global level of scholarship in Asian journalism and communication studies.

Chaerim Park and Young Min

This study investigated how the Korean and U.S. news media implemented impartiality and transparency in their fact-checking reporting, and identified the key patterns of similarities and differences in the coverage between the two countries. To this end, we content-analyzed 249 Korean and 230 U.S. fact-checking news articles during the latest presidential election in each country.

Hyun Tae Kim, Kyung Bo Kim, Hailey Hyun-kyung Oh, Yeon Kyoung Joo

Social media and digital technologies have been leveraged for political engagement and social change, especially in the context of mass political movements. However, we know relatively less about how involvement in such political movements shapes perceptions of digitally-mediated political information and possibilities for future political engagement.

Byong Jong Lee

Historical analysis of public diplomacy is useful in studying the evolutionary process of the discipline and the related field of public relations. Such studies can vividly chronicle the shift of public diplomacy’s focus from information dissemination through mass media of last century to relationship cultivation through social media of today.

Jiyoung Lee, Yungwook Kim

The current research tested how an anti-smoking message with fear appeals and self-stigma operate. An online experiment with a sample of South Korean smokers ( N = 331) found that fear appeals motivated smokers to quit smoking. Individuals with a high level of response efficacy showed a higher tendency to quit smoking when they were exposed to fear appeals, compared to those with a lower level of response efficacy.

Keun-Yong Lee

This study intends to figure out a clue to mitigate or solve the shadow side of affective turn Korean society has been passing through. Poongryu has been recognized and recalled continuously as the origin of music, dance, discipline, and other cultural or religious activities in Korea. This study pays attention to the affective traits of poongryu , and indicates two implications to be related to and helpful for affective communication.

Jong In Lim, Sungbin Youk, Hee Sun Park

The main purpose of this essay is to encourage novice scholars to participate in the peer review process. This essay discusses how to communicate during the process as a reviewer and an author. When evaluating a manuscript as a reviewer, the scholar needs to show respect to the authors, be cooperative with other members of the review team, and be timely with completing the review.

Marko M. Skoric

I pen this brief essay on how to write good papers in media and  communication  studies  worrying  whether  I  am  indeed  sufficiently  qualified  to  voice  my  thoughts  on  the  topic.  Throughout my career, I have written many papers, some of  which I am not terribly proud of, but also a couple that I feel have  made their mark in the scholarly community. 

Chae-Won Lee

Scientific  knowledge  about  home  appliances  equipped  with  advanced technology, or newly developed medicine has become  an essential element of ordinary life. At the same time, risks and  dangers arising from scientific progress in nuclear power and  genetic  engineering  involve  all  members  of  society. 

Anna Mun

The Handbook of Financial Communication and Investor Relations is  the first book to offer a global look at the comprehensive thinking  and practice in financial communication and investor relations.  Providing theoretically ambitious but accessible volumes devoted  to  the  major  fields  and  subfields  within  communication  and  media studies, the Handbooks of Communication and Media series is  one  of  the  most  critically  acclaimed  volumes.